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State-of-the-art grooming for your dog

The Studio

Our fabulous electric grooming table lowers to only 27cm from the ground, meaning even old or less able dogs can get on and off without risking injury to back or joints.

Bathing Area

Our wonderful, large electric bath has a removable entrance panel to make it easy, inviting and safe for your pets.

Natural Products

WildWash have spent the last 10 years slowly and patiently developing a natural line of pet shampoos and cosmetics that they believe are the best in the World, and here at The Dog Box, we agree!

The Dog Box

Welcome to The Dog Box, a family business owned and run by Anna Webber.

We are a family of animal lovers and have owned everything from hamsters to horses. Whilst the range of other pets has varied over the years we have always had canine companions. It seemed natural to turn my passion for animals into a career, so after studying for the City & Guilds Certificate in Dog Grooming, The Dog Box was created.

Our state-of-the-art grooming studio is situated just a few minutes off Junction 30 of the M5, within easy reach of Exeter and the surrounding area. Based at home we offer a relaxed, welcoming and safe environment for your beloved companion. We take great pride in providing a high quality, professional and personal dog grooming experience. Considerable time and effort have been spent to ensure we have the most suitable equipment and that we only use the best, completely natural products, to help maintain the health, wellbeing and appearance of your pet. We are fully insured with PetPlan Sanctuary and pet first-aid trained.

At The Dog Box, we believe that it is very important every animal and their owners are treated as individuals, so please contact us or call 07799 117 224 to discuss any requirements you may have.


  • Quite simply an outstanding grooming job. Within hours of collecting our dog ‘Trevor' the Irish Terrier, he received repeated praise inspired by his outstanding cut. The fact that you reviewed how best to groom an Irish Terrier prior to his arrival is testament to your professionalism and dedication. Notwithstanding the human reaction to your work, Trevor is happy, relaxed and smelling just great. There are plenty of issues to juggle on moving into a new area but your relaxed, exceptional work ethic and caring approach has removed one significant issue. A very big thank you for your professional, kind and delightful engagement with your client and his owners!

    Simon & Sue
  • Excellent Grooming at The Dog Box, it's a very smart and professional set up run by lovely people. Friendly, relaxed, knowledgeable and most importantly extremely good at what they do, we are so happy with how 'Wolfie' looks. Would definitely recommend, thank you.

    Jo Benney and Wolfie
  • I visited Anna today for the first time with my large breed Golden Doodle who was very matted and in desperate need of some TLC. The grooming salon is immaculate and very high tech. Anna is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She genuinely cares about your dog and how he/she is feeling. At the same time Anna has an incredible eye for detail. It's clear she takes pride in her work and unlike most groomers this doesn't come at the expense of care and compassion for the animal she's working with. Sending updates throughout the day to let me know that my dog was in safe hands was an unexpected lovely touch. I was also really impressed that my dog was given a break from the grooming for 20 minutes in the secure fenced garden. Wow! I would highly recommend The Dog Box who went above and beyond. Thank you!

    Mel W
  • Anna is simply the most attentive and professional dog groomer I have met! The room is spotless, attention to detail and knowledge is fantastic and Miley (the pup) had the best time! If I could give 6 stars I would!

    Jen G
  • If you are looking for a dog groomer in the Exeter area you should look no more and try Anna. She is passionate about her craft and very skilled. Our Border Terrier came back very smart and has attracted admiring looks from people when on his walks. We were particularly pleased she could offer different techniques as in stripping and/or trimming his coat and were delighted with the results. He had not been properly groomed before and with Anna's encouragement and care he was obviously happy to co-operate and emerged a handsome boy. Thank you so much.

    Duncan & Anne
  • I brought my four year old golden retriever to see Anna today for her first ever groom. Following the 'meet & greet' last week, I knew Lottie was in very good hands. Anna and her daughter made a very good first impression. I knew that Lottie's welfare was the most important thing & Anna and her daughter had made this very clear. We didn't want to cause Lottie any stress and given that this was her first experience, we were unsure how she would react. She LOVED her bath but less keen on the blow dryer and clippers! Anna showed care and compassion and was very much guided by Lottie. Today, she has had a good brush & a bath. She has been towel dried with the hope that next time we can move a step forward & try the dryer! She smells and looks lovely & fresh! Thank you. We will be back to see you soon & I will be spreading the word of your excellent, dog-centred service.

    Sue Starr


Dog Grooming


Our purpose-built grooming studio is light, airy and very clean. Your pet will be superbly looked after whilst in our care. They are able to look out of our big windows, which is a much less stressful and a more natural environment than being cramped in the back of mobile dog grooming van. We also have an enclosed area for a toilet break, whilst ensuring your beloved dog is safe and secure at all times.

Our studio is furnished with the latest equipment to make the grooming experience as positive, stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Our electric table goes so low that even older, less agile dogs can climb on and off without damaging their joints or back. We only ever use specialist handheld or stand dryers under constant supervision and your dog will NEVER be dried in a cage. We will also not use a high-velocity blaster dryer on nervous or young dogs.

A lot of time has been spent researching the best natural products available. WildWash shampoos and products are made in England and contain absolutely NO Parabens, Phthalates, Phosphates, Sulphates, Petrochemicals, Synthetic or Semi Synthetic Fragrances or PEGs. Your dog’s coat and skin will be left in the best condition possible without the use of harsh chemicals. They will come home smelling gorgeous too!

We also offer specific services to introduce puppies to the grooming process as this is a very important part of their development and can change the way they view grooming for the rest of their life.

Our prices are based on breed, coat length and condition, grooming history and the disposition of your pet.

We actively encourage you to come and visit us and always offer a free consultation for you and your pet to come and meet us and discuss your requirements. This also means that your pet is familiar with our environment and us before you leave them to be groomed.

Please contact us or call 07799 117 224 for further information.


A Full Groom Includes:

  • A thorough health check.
  • A pre-bath groom to remove dead or shedding hair, dirt, debris and knotting.
  • Ears gently cleaned.
  • Nails trimmed and filed if needed.
  • A thorough bath using the WildWash shampoo and products appropriate for your pet’s skin and coat.
  • Removal of excess water using a high velocity air blaster (not suitable for young or nervous dogs).
  • Drying using specialist stand and hand-held dryers.
  • Hygiene trimming.
  • Trimming around feet and pads.
  • Styling in a breed specific haircut, or a style of your choice. Techniques offered include: clipping, scissoring, hand-stripping.
  • A final spray with WildWash Fragrance to compliment the shampoos and other products used and to leave your pet smelling gorgeous!

Puppy Grooming

Puppy Grooming



Your puppy’s first grooming experiences can shape how they view grooming for the rest of their lives. Therefore, these first experiences need to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible so that they look forward to being groomed.

Ideally, it helps if owners have done some research about the grooming requirements for their breed of dog. We often meet people who are unsure of, or surprised by, the amount and cost of grooming that their new puppy will require. You are welcome to call to get information and advice prior to getting your new pet.

In general, it is good to get a puppy used to grooming early, especially those breeds which require regular clipping. We offer free and reduced-price puppy sessions to introduce your young dog to grooming. During these visits we can also help explain what you can do at home to help maintain their coat and get them used to being handled for grooming.

We normally suggest that the experience is built up over a few sessions – an example of which is detailed below. Obviously, all dogs are individual, so we can tailor our services to meet the needs of you and your puppy.

Visit 1 – Once fully vaccinated, ideally between 12 and 16 weeks old you can bring your puppy for an introductory session. They can familiarise themselves with the us and our studio and we can discuss their ongoing grooming needs and give you advice if needed. They will be gently handled, with lots of cuddles and fuss, so that they get used to having their feet, face and ears touched and we can trim their nails if needed. There is no charge for this visit.

Visit 2 – A second session, a few weeks after the first, to reinforce their positive experience. Your puppy will get a gentle bath and loads more cuddles and fuss. We can trim hair from their face and feet if needed. This is a reduced-price puppy visit. The price will depend on the size, age and breed of your puppy.

Visit 3 – Another few weeks after the second visit your puppy can come for its first mini-groom. We will bath them and trim their coat, hygiene area, feet and nails, along with loads more cuddles. This is a reduced-price puppy groom. The price will depend on the grooming needs of your puppy.

Your young dog should then be able to go onto a grooming schedule suitable for its breed, coat type and your needs and requirements.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your puppy’s grooming or just want some advice please contact us or call 07799 117 224.





We respectfully request 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment or a 50% charge will be applied.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and appropriately treated for fleas and worms. Any dog found to have fleas or showing signs of ill-health will not be groomed, but the charges will still apply.

Your pet’s welfare is our primary focus. If a dog is stressed or unhappy we will contact you and if necessary stop a groom. In other instances, it may be necessary to clip out severe matting, as putting an animal through a stressful and painful de-matting process would not be in their best interests. In all instances we would contact you before altering any agreed grooming.

We do not use cage dryers. Your pet will always be dried under constant supervision with specialist stand and handheld dryers only.


We are situated just a minute from IKEA Exeter. Albatross Road is first on the right as you come down Newcourt Way and number 12 can be found on the right-hand side. Please park on our driveway, which can be found behind the house, off Birdie Walk, and not the surrounding roads. Also please be respectful when dropping off and collecting your pet, we have a good relationship with our neighbours and would like to maintain this.

Thank you!


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